Environment for Video Games - Bundle

This bundle is comprehensive package that will help you to learn and create professional environment illustrations and concepts for video games and more. Environment for Video Games is also an insight to workflow and pipelines of AAA video games through and eye of concept artist. With this bundle you will be able to improve your environment painting skills and your productivity and technical knowledge in video games development.

This bundle contains:
*18,5+ hours of FullHD videos
*Full resolution PSD and JPG files
*Photoshop CC brushes

You can also buy each part of this bundle individually:
Intro to Composition 1 - http://selz.co/1qjOY8G
Intro to Composition 2 - http://selz.co/1u1QxK7
Color and Light - http://selz.co/1nMXVj5
Blockmesh to Concept Sketch - http://selz.co/1rF2uU2
Production Illustration - http://selz.co/1prtk1f
Callouts - http://selz.co/1A3xtth

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